organic essential oils

What started as a simple passion for clean scents began a journey into natural living with body care, creating room ambiance and quality self-care.  First it was out of need, then, out of want !  The realization of the importance of chem-free ingredients came well after the ritual of luxury bathing.  It became apparent to learn more about wellness vs standard care.  Soon, the mission was born to provide a space to share with others while offering worldwide choices in the retail arena.   

Since 1994, world-wide resources have grown and organic relationships strengthened.  Through formal and proper education, ongoing research and vendor seminars, er body care has continued to manifest essential oil products - designed to enhance, not overpower. 

Only pure essential oils are used to create blends for holistic remedies that can assist, support and / or maintain desired state.  Integrity and quality of materials are extremely important as well a visually pleasing presentation for your er experience.