organic essential oils

create essential oil roll-on synergy


create essential oil roll-on synergy

earthy with a hint of mint and floral that is ideal for wearing as a parfum oil in addition to it's spiritual aspects.

Can be diffused or rolled-on pulse points.  Create concentrated synergy can also be used in massage oils.

100% natural pure essential oil roll-on blends for personal application and home environment. No synthetic ingredients, assists and supports various needs for the body, mind and spirit. Organic aromatherapy using only MSDS approved oils from trusted sources worldwide.

Blend is associated with the 5th / throat chakra that promotes better communication, desires and creativity.  The ability to speak opinions and thoughts is just as important as active listening and understanding.  Specific essential oils have been known to influence interpretation of body language and written methods of communication.

Great enhancement for work, home or car environment.  

made with essential oils of:

rosemary (rosemarinus officinalis)

patchouli / dark (pogostemon cablin)

geranium (pelargonium graveolens )

note:  all 100 % pure essential oils are therapeutic