organic essential oils

express essential oil roll-on synergy


Sensual patchouli; ylang-ylang and sweet orange pure essential oil blend.  Based on the energy chakras, express synergy influences the second or sacral chakra that enhances healthy expression and desire.  Both ylang-ylang and patchouli are known to be  natural aphrodisiacs while sweet orange can assist in easing tension, promoting happiness.  Express synergy can promote balance between solar plexus and sacral chakras.

100% pure essential oils with no dilution or carrier oil.  Can be diffused or rolled-on pulse points.  Express concentrated synergy can also be used in massage oils.

These fine therapeutic essential oils have been known to stick around longer due to the grounding and euphoric effects of patchouli oil.  A good romantic blend !  Can be diffused for work, home or car environment.  Number three seller out of 20 er synergies.

note:  all 100% pure essential oils are  therapeutic