organic essential oils
  • Top synergies 33-piece wholesale display for stores

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     Great starter set for stores or anyone who wants to sell retail. 

     (Second image is 96-piece wooden display.   e-mail for pricing)

     Includes: breathe & refresh; detox; de-stress; focus &  memory;  serenity;  meditation; sweet dreams; grounding and muscle rub.   Can substitue other blends 

     All are made with pure essential oils, predominantly organic and no  carrier oils.  They are designed for pulse points with roller   applicator  and are perfect for room diffusers.  A little goes a long way!

     100% natural pure essential oil roll-on blends for personal application and home environment. No synthetic ingredients, assists and   supports various needs for the body, mind and spirit. Organic aromatherapy using only MSDS approved oils from trusted sources   worldwide.